Overcoming loss by suicide

I don't think I will ever forget the day, as much as I'd love erase it from my mind like clearing the trash can icon on your desktop.

It was a relatively normal morning. I lived with my boyfriend in Highgate, North London and was heading into university to take one of the first exams of my first year studying Journalism with Sociology. A French listening and speaking exam. I wasn't nervous. My French classes where we were taught by a particularly 'cool' lecturer who liked to talk in depth about the primal experiences she felt during childbirth without pain relief. As you do.

My sister called my mobile as I caught the bus from outside my flat. She was worried about our Dad. He'd left a 'strange' voicemail on her phone whilst she'd been working at a pub the previous night.

National Offer Day - How did it go?

Last year I wrote out my feelings about Lily starting school - the frustration of not being able to 'choose' and the worry of doing something wrong.

In the end, we decided not to 'fiddle the system' and temporarily change churches in order to get Lily into our first choice.

This was fine - our second choice and catchment school was a very close second. In fact, I'll admit that it was probably Matt's first choice and is so close to our home that I would have been happy with taking Lily and picking her up every day. I don't drive and so proximity has always been a key deciding factor.

Review - Air and Ash

I have been doing so much reading lately, especially books that would fall into the 'Young Adult Fantasy' genre. As a 30-something year old Mum of two, I don't really fit into that category's target audience but it is still one that I know well. I love a book which has a gripping story line without always having to go down the 'Epic Fantasy' route (which is an equally awesome genre, obviously) and ever since I picked up my first Tamora Pierce book in a Bideford discount book shop when I was 13 I have loved books with a strong, young, female character.

Throw in some adventure, magic and a hint of romance and I'm usually hooked.

Tales as Old as Time

You'll know I love to read and so I was very excited to receive my Blind Date with a Book from Parragon Books this month - I had no idea what to expect but received in the post two fantastic books to tie-in with the newly released Beauty and the Beast film, each with a unique perspective into a tale we think we know so well.

Lost In A Book

First up is 'Lost In A Book' by Jennifer Donnelly.

At first I wondered if I was just a little older than the target reader for this book but I hadn't counted on the feelings of happy nostalgia that come with something you've liked for so long. Belle is by far my favourite Disney Princess and with her love of books, I certainly identify with her character, if not her looks.

The children's TV programmes I can't live without

Well, I could probably survive without these little nuggets of animated brilliance but life certainly wouldn't be the same.

Before I had kids I was one of those parents who wanted to limit my future poppet's screen time in order for their brains to grow merely from wholesome, organic sources and entertainment.

Ha ha ha.

That didn't last that long.

I've watched way too much children's television now. If you're sat questioning Flop's parenting techniques or wondering what idiots voted in Mayor Goodway then you're probably in the same boat as me. Sometimes, kid's TV is ten times more painful to sit through than a visit to the dentist.

I'm looking at you, Peppa-frickin'-Pig.
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